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A boy that seems shy at first, but once you get to know him is open and fun. He goes to the beach and skateboards a lot. If you become his friend, you will know he is nice,funny and sensitive. He's been hurt before and doesn't want anyone to go through pain like he did losing his mother/father so he will be extremely caring for his friends. He can be immature at times but is overall mature. He won't really trust anyone, unless you are his good friend, because he has been let down too many times before. Wise, and you can take any advice from him. Overall a really caring person.
Boy 1: where's Dominic, I need to talk to him for advice on how to handle my breakup.

Boy 2: I don't know, he's probably at the beach.
by Anonymousqasa January 30, 2014
2 0
is a guy who has a huge penis and he is funny popular with the ladies and he is athletic he is also the guy who you talk to then instantly want to give him a blow job. He will impress everyone in the bedroom. He is the hottest boy alive.
Isabella: "I wish I was dating Dominic"

Elaine : no Dominic's all mine"
by Dragtag February 11, 2014
1 0
The action of using a ton of syrup (preferably maple) for no fucking good reason, but to do so.
"Fuck dude, that's so much syrup, you're being a Dominic"
by Fartpaste February 09, 2013
7 7
The name of the legendary steed from Bronx area of New York, whose tale of generosity in helping others, namely Father Christmas, travelled across the world encapsulating the term "Dominic the Donkey" (also spelt Dominick)
Dominic is summed up in the words from the song (Dominick the Donkey) as "Santas got a little friend, his name is Dominick.... jiggity jig ew ahh ew ahh its Dominic the Donkey, the Italian Christmas Donkey"
by Joe Mojo Bloggs December 09, 2011
15 23
incredibly stupid. Being obviously stupid. like stealing and getting kick out of school.
You're such a dominic.
by well you know. November 14, 2011
24 98
1. (noun) a name for a person of the male gender

2. (adj) a person who is annoying and may be a possible homosexual.
1. i think i'm going to name my son dominic

2. this guy keeps hitting on my girlfriend... what a f*cking dominic.
by Your pseudonymsss August 14, 2011
25 103
A lonely loser who will never get laid and has the worlds smallest dick, has no self respect or respect for others and thinks he's the worlds strongest man when he's nothing but a little pussy who gets abused for being so ugly and lonely
Guy 1: Did you see that guy get his ass kicked at the park last night?

Guy 2: Yeah that guy sure is a DOMINIC
by Obsidion_Nightmare August 18, 2011
34 156