To destroy the toilet with excess smelly excriment.
I'm just off to dominate the toilet!
by 44chemkpse May 17, 2008
A variant of domination. Often used when power thrusting an object or person.
Yeah, and then they caught me dominating the propane tank, you know the one with the clown's head on it. Its great, I've dominated everything in this room.
by hydro January 03, 2004
Dominate-verb.- To blow diarrhea fast and quick, into the toilet, but stuck to the toilet, and when you leave there is a very bad smell
"I just dominated in there"
"Oh really? How long where you in there?"
"Awhile...but listen to me dude do NOT go in there!"
by John Joseph February 06, 2007
to dominate - taking a shit that results in massive relief. Usually happens after a night of hard drinking or after a Wednesday night at Giuseppe's All You Can Eat Wing Night.
Evan: Dude, Patrick, we gotta go man the place is gonna close in 20 minutes!
Patrick: OK man, I'll be right out I gotta go dominate.
Evan: Give it Hell man, Give it Hell.
by KillACommyForMommy March 23, 2005
Most recently used at Penn State University where it is used to describe a hardcore devouring of a substance (usually food); can also be used (less frequently) to describe how skilled one is at a particular task.
You dominated those chips!

I'm about to dominate my lunch.

I totally dominate in poker...
by psush_girl November 22, 2004
To kill, but not literally
Do you want me to dominate you?
by SiennaDillon September 14, 2008
1. To crap
2. Creatively obfuscate feces in a public fashion
3. To sit on a person's head, fart, and intentionally follow through
1) I dominated a shit on you.
2a) I dominated that bench
2b) You totally dominated that skate ramp (not to be confused with dominated, adj. to mean did well)
3) I can't believe you fucking dominated my head.
by Orbic January 22, 2008

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