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Violence or otherwise physical abuse of one's spouse or partner. It is generally done by men to women, but women can also be abusive.
Gest accused Minnelli of domestic violence.

Domestic violence is America's dirty little secret. It can be done by a husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or life partner.

The incidence of domestic violence is higher in ALL minority groups and certain groups of immigrants.

Children who grow up in homes with domestic violence are greatly affected. The girls are likely to accept abuse as a norm in relationships and the boys continue the cycle of abuse.
by margaretsanger December 23, 2005
When a womans man gives her buck so she teaches him a lesson by stricking down on him and showing who's boss in the relaionship
"Domestic Violence" When a man replies to his girlfriend/wifes joke that he'll hit her back for real, she will teach him never to say it again
by orlapants:P April 13, 2011
1) When a man's physical, sexual, emotional, economic, or psychological actions or threats of actions that influence a female family member or friend; 2) Whatever the man does that the woman doesn't like; 3) a wife's false accusation before or during a divorce to obtain an Order of Protection that will legally separate the husband from his children, home, and personal possessions.
When a husband learns his wife is having an affair or spending too much money, then demands that she stop is seen as abuse, therefore, it is considered domestic violence.
by Terri&Jamie April 28, 2009
Black people do this to:
1. Get arrested
2. Get a divorce
3. Take there anger out on somebody
Dude 1: One of my friends (the black one of course) what to get a divorce. What should I do?
Dude 2: Tell him about Domestic Violence
by I'm AW350M3 April 06, 2012
The Number One cause is women just wont listen.
Kathy suffered minor abrasions and facial lacerations when her husband found her in bed with Joe, his mechanic.
by anonymous January 04, 2004
a good time
"we had a domestic violence party, it kicked major ass"
by EL Sa9jev November 07, 2003
Another term for gettin a blow job.
T: What was up with oh girl from the party?
V: Aw, nuttin man, she got dat domestic violence on lock
by vonzelly May 11, 2008
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