When a book/song/TV show/picture that's not supposed to be porn and isn't advertised to be porn.. turns out to be porn.
GUY 1: "Hey, did you get that new comic book?"
GUY 2: "Yeah."
GUY 1: "Did you like it?"
GUY 2: "They had sex scenes all through the first issue."
GUY 1: "It sounds like you bought yourself some domestic porn."
by Here's a Guy January 10, 2010
Top Definition
Magazines or shows that feature cooking, home decorating, or other issues of interest to women (usually yuppies), who get addicted to it the same way men do to porn.
My wife's domestic porn habit is getting out of hand, she spends all day watching the Food Network while thumbing through Martha Stewart Living magazines.
by josjr February 16, 2007
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