Someone who only goes for headshots.
Hey that sniper is a domer!
by eq07 March 29, 2010
A term used in first-person shooter games as a shot to the head (or dome).
Man i got wasted by sean cuz he kept delivering domers.
by Jordi Rosadio April 27, 2008
Receiving oral pleasure; a female deep-throating your giggle-stick.
Hey bitch give me domers before I hit you up with the pimp hand....fuck-slave.
by Billy Dee January 09, 2004
A bowl of marijuana that is for one person, whether it be from a bong or a pipe. Smoke it all in one hit or a few hits, depending on the size of the bowl and your lungs.
"I just smoked a fat domer!"


"Domers for everyone!"
by Cherokee the Red November 28, 2006
An extremely large, harsh hit of marijuana which causes you to feel a slightly unpleasant feeling in your cranium but renders you high as fuck.
Guy: *takes massive bong hit*
Everyone else: OHHHHH! DOMER!
*Guy falls backwards, grabs forehead, and smiles after a few seconds*
by Lord Jeff the Molester August 31, 2006
the giver of dome
That girl is a domer.
by tyson ross March 17, 2004
1. getting a sloppy blowjob
Mrs. Lee gave me a great domer yesterday
by karen lee February 27, 2005
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