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its a fuckin jimmy hat, condom, rubber
hey u got any domers left from that bitch last night
by the one and only best masturbater October 14, 2003
Domers are kids from Erie, Pa. who go to the 'dome' every Friday night. The dome is a place to go dance, but no one actually does. Dome Girls go and rub their asses on the Dome boys tiny erect dicks. Domers' facebook status' consist of 'Who's going to the dome friday?' 'just got back from the dome, omg my dicks is so hardzorz right nowz flmfafo!' and other retarded shit like that. Domers spend most of their time bragging about how they grinded on like 8 people in 1 night. But none of them actually go out and have sex. They are all teases and wanna-be-druggies. Dome girls usually are loud as fuck and annoying, Dome guys are horny as fuck and can't actually get any action. If you are ever approached by a domer, get your rat ball out because they will try to grind you to death. Domers love drama, its the fuel that keeps them going. Without drama the domers wouldn't exist. All domers over react to everything and watch jersey shore. Synonyms include: Dome rats, fags, douche bags, losers, tease, posers, wanna-be-druggies, dome kids.
Domer 1:Omg you guyz I grinded with like everyone at the dome last night!

Domer 2: Oh that was you who I rubbed my dick on!? Sweet, you wanna inhale some fabreeze?


Dome Rat on Facebook: Who's goin to the dome tonight?

Dome Rat 2: omgeeze Im not aloud cause i was ggrindin too much and i told my mom and she says its too dirty, i hate my life, fml, i wanna die!:'( <\\\\\\\\\\\\\33333
A bowl of marijuana that is for one person, whether it be from a bong or a pipe. Smoke it all in one hit or a few hits, depending on the size of the bowl and your lungs.
"I just smoked a fat domer!"


"Domers for everyone!"
by Cherokee the Red November 28, 2006
A graduate of the New York Maritime College at Fort Schuyler. Named for the old dome observatory atop the eastern bastion of Fort Schuyler, one of the first things one can see upon arriving back home from Summer Sea Term.
"every september at homecoming, all the domers come back to Fort Schuyler for a reunion."
by Nick234 April 24, 2007
the giver of dome
That girl is a domer.
by tyson ross March 17, 2004
An extremely large, harsh hit of marijuana which causes you to feel a slightly unpleasant feeling in your cranium but renders you high as fuck.
Guy: *takes massive bong hit*
Everyone else: OHHHHH! DOMER!
*Guy falls backwards, grabs forehead, and smiles after a few seconds*
by Lord Jeff the Molester August 31, 2006
1. getting a sloppy blowjob
Mrs. Lee gave me a great domer yesterday
by karen lee February 27, 2005