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Could be used also as a verb; to devour quickly.
1) "So after I domepieced that corn whisky, I pulled a Ron Burgundy and ate the cat poo?"
2) "Dude, I have never seen anyone domepiece a fat chicks vag-cheese like you.!"
by Luke March 03, 2005
Ones head or the general area around it.
That guy is such a harsh barge that he smacked his domepiece
by Squanto February 29, 2004
Another name for your head. Usually used in connection with striking your head.
I just cracked you up side the dome piece!
You just got your dome piece smacked around!
by T-Dog! February 27, 2003
1. Another name for your head.
2. A freestyle, (right off the dome)
1.John: Yo! That dude got kicked in his Dome Piece!
2. Yo, that Dome Piece you just spit was hot!
by Tylernnnnnnn December 08, 2010
another word for head
"Eric has a huge dome piece"
by jtd16 April 09, 2010
Gang slang for head
Ohhhhh mayun i shot dat boi straight up in the domepiece
by B Rose June 09, 2010
1) A Female That Likes To Perform Sexual Acts With Many Males

2) A Female Thats Life Revolves Around Penis

3) A Female From John Jay High School
In Conversation:

"...That Lauren is such a dome piece..."

"...Do you see that dome piece over there?..."
by 420foxlane420 February 03, 2010
A person (usually female) that is used specifically for a blowjob
Dome refers to head, which is one of the main body parts associated with a blowjob.
Related to the terms asspiece (piece of ass) or dimepiece
Guy 1: "Damn, look at that chick!"
Guy 2: "Why her? She has no tits or ass"
Guy 1: "But dude, she is a TOTAL domepiece"
by a sexy dolphin April 07, 2014