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When someone accidently shoots another person in the head
~ 1st person~ Man I was just jackin around wit this 9 and the shit went off and put a bullet in some dude's head!
~2nd person~ Yo, you just Dome'd that nigga, B!
by trey money$$$$ September 01, 2006
to headshot someone in a video game, like a first person shooter
Man, I went around that corner and straight up domed that guy right between the eyes.
by kyle February 10, 2005
the act of giving oral pleasure to the male penis; giving head
I domed Josh at a party last night
by Dinny June 04, 2004
The act of getting hit over the head with a blunt object. Usually an expression used in video games.
He just domed you so bad.
by Jeff Stevens February 03, 2004
So high that you cant perform simple operations.

Hella HIGH
All dome as the chronics got me gone
Nigga it's on
On 'til the slugs come out"

Im domed as fuck homie.
by jesse March 18, 2004
The act of placing a cupped hand over the anus whilst farting, thus echoing and amplifying the noise.
"Mate, what was that fart?"
"I domed it."
by davooo October 07, 2013
verb : To be slammed in to the ground by a wave, while trying to boogie board. Causing a massive knot on your head and black eye.
Yeah, I almost totally got Dom'ed!
by Workwasdid83 June 22, 2011
a word used for being high from smoking marijuana. the root of the word, 'dome' can also be used as a slang term for the actual marijuana substance.
ex 1: "man i just blazed an eighth. i'm so domed."
ex 2: "yo got any dome left?" "nah man i'm dry"
by coltonokane April 28, 2012