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When a bullet, fist, or object hits a person, queer, or enemy directly in the face or head area.
hahN just DOMEBUSTED the shit out of everyone in SK.

Commando used his fist of knowledge to DOMEBUST that online shit talking queer.
by Albert Hahn[db] December 07, 2004
to get ones head blown in which they become domebusted
when sellers and pl4tinum take team3d 2v5 with glocks.
by sellers\pl4tinum July 04, 2003
To own someones face, head, or dome!
(mainly pertaining towards Counter-Strike db )
After owning someone, "DOOOOOOOOOOOMMMEBUSTERRRRRRR"!!!!!"
by muffin-man May 22, 2003
one who gets numerous amounts of headshot kills in the game of mafuckin Counter-strike.
Damn did u see that foo?!? He must be a DOMEBUSTERRRRRR
by Jonny_5 December 05, 2004
One who directs bullets toward the head of an enemy causing it to explode in an artistic way.
1 bullet from the chamber of a desert eagle making direct contact with your enemies dome. DOH UMMMMMMMMMMM BUS THUR
by Cornell University September 24, 2003