When thedb`s step in and bustercake that dome like....bink bink.....bink bink.
Foll got domed
by MFG-Da-G|2oUcH[db] August 13, 2003
Top Definition
One who sucks, strokes, or otherwise works the dome of another man's penis until it "busts" out with a boatload of cum.
Dude, this gay porno I rented had a SHITLOAD of domebusters in it!
by Fred December 29, 2004
A shot to the head that results in instant death
by Webster's Dictionary May 31, 2003
A domebuster is one who belongs to a club of many lan proven head shot experts. When it comes to busting domes on lan, no one can do it better.
The only counter-strike club ever to have members on the winning team at every cal-p and under socal tourny for 25 (twenty-five) weeks in a row. Talk all you want about us, but we proved it on lan over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and 15 more "over"s again.
by Arnold Park ( Commando ) December 12, 2004
One who busts a load on someone's face
Cum Shot
by dome July 22, 2003
To crack on a niggaz head like BLAOW~!
nigga got DOMEBUSTED!
by kimsh0t July 01, 2003
When a bullet, fist, or object hits a person, queer, or enemy directly in the face or head area.
hahN just DOMEBUSTED the shit out of everyone in SK.

Commando used his fist of knowledge to DOMEBUST that online shit talking queer.
by Albert Hahn[db] December 07, 2004
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