to get shot in the head
Malice a dome shot ya'll niggas is flesh wounds.
by DatNi69J April 06, 2004
to injure or kill someone with a blow to the head.
"Dude!, I just killed this guy with a serious dome shot."
by kfitz09 August 21, 2009
The state of physical existence in which fellatio is being performed through out an intense match of call of duty. Extra points are awarded for releasing seminal fluid while simultaneously shooting some dumb bitch in the face.
Mufucka I just shot that bitch in tha face, shit ho keep sloberrin finna get ma domeshot on
by harkourparkour November 29, 2010
oral sex
"Hey bitch, what's up wit da dome shots?"
by TSD July 07, 2003
a blow job
she gave him dome shots last night
by Bethany Rohm December 03, 2003
same as a blow job, but an alias for it. jus lyk 2-10.
ima get a domeshot at da next party.
by hOoKeR May 18, 2003

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