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A man who skillfully coerces young, intoxicated college girls to willingly perform acts of oral sex on him. His stomping grounds include (but not limited to) fraternity houses, bathroom stalls, and dark basement corners.

He may or may not also have a large dome himself. Other name associations include "muskrat" and "the daddy-dome-diggity"
He got dome from three girls last night.... he's the fuckin dome master!
by The Doctor33 November 08, 2011
n. dome-mass-tur,
A female who is particularly awesome at giving oral sex. A "master" if you will, at schlobbing the knob. Not probably the best head you have ever had, Thee best ever without a doubt. Perfect grip and stroke, the proper amount of teasing, properly minds the step children, and always swallows. will cause an ejaculation so great that the male counter-part may go into a short catatonic state or coma. A professional, that does not except pay and does not require recipricating the pleasure. She enjoys doing it simply because she knows she is goood.
Have you ever got head from Tiffany?

You should, because she is a domemaster.
by iMAP February 04, 2010

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