head, blow job
gotta get some dome
by Anonymous November 09, 2003
The act of recieving or giving oral sex to an atractive person.
"Dude, I'd so give her dome."

"I'd let her give me dome any day."

"I need some dome."
by Jordan Hudson October 26, 2005
Oral Sex; head; face; dat work
"Put yo mouth on the dick, give me Georgia Dome."
by Jade Grey May 17, 2005
a synonym for fellatio; the act of fellating the male genitalia
Yo, Laurisha, come give me some dome..."Okay," she replied.

Dude, did you check mad dome from Laurisha?
by domebro March 13, 2005
a reference to one's cranium
guy #1-dude,you look really fucked up.
guy #2-yeah...that 40 went straight to my dome<barfs on guy #1's shoe>
by Maxie April 22, 2004
n. a individual's head. Noggin. Seen in cartoon "Tardz"
he took that softball straight to the dome!
i can't learn anymore...my dome is full.

"you're dome is tyour power" ~tardz
by Victor April 11, 2003
another word for condom
wow! you knocked that bitch up. shoulda worn a dome
by bougs August 30, 2009

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