"Down On My Erection"
"Yo L
What up?
I Hit
What else
Say word
And we got it on tonight"
Hey Ma
by Amy Solomon November 06, 2004
Womens' high heeled shoes or boots, from the fact that they advertise that the wearer is looking for someone to 'do her' ('do me')
The skeezer wore daisies and do-mes to her junior high graduation.
by MAC-Gyver May 27, 2003
Dome is term word for head/cranium.
"This thing scorches my dome… it's fucked up"- Zach Hill
"My dome is all fucked up"- Unknown
by The Real Candy Queen November 27, 2013
actually do-me , like do me. Have sex with me. A message misinterpreted do to improper spacing. Perpetrated by KT M
Baby later tonight can you please dome?
by hairy frypan July 14, 2011
It means to ball up a fist and punch somone in the head as hard as you possibly can
I'm gonna dome you
by Mags149 June 13, 2010
The act of giving/recieving a blowjob.
"Dang I wish I could get some dome before I go to bed"!

"I'm just gonna chill at my house and get some dome!"
by NaNaBee September 12, 2009
another word for blow job
i started giving dome since i was in 6th grade
by Random.Bri May 08, 2008

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