the act of obtaining either a headshot in halo and/or head, can be done using either a UNSC issued sniper rifle or a friend/girfriend's oral region
1)DheW got dome when he sniped BigMomba off the tower
2)Jeffery had a hard time getting dome from his hoe Balinda
by dhew May 11, 2008
Womens' high heeled shoes or boots, from the fact that they advertise that the wearer is looking for someone to 'do her' ('do me')
The skeezer wore daisies and do-mes to her junior high graduation.
by MAC-Gyver May 27, 2003
The scalp and crown of the human skull physically resembles an approximate dome or hemisphere.
by tjt263 September 05, 2014
1. A specific person/character in the game Guild Wars 2
2. Can be used to replaced common words, or even replace parts of words.
3. Commonly used as a swear word
1. Oh hai Dome
2. Ohhh, they got Domeinated!
3. I hate them stupid Domes.
by domness July 09, 2014
The combination of the words Do and Me meaning do me.
Punk #1: "Dome"
Punk #2: "I will gladly do you"
by Lucool June 13, 2011
Verb. From the expression "to the dome;" the act of ingesting an entire quantity of a substance. Normally associated with druga and alcohol, it describes the act of consuming the whole of a given substance, such as a beer, a joint but not limited to any particular substance. When relating to alcohol and primarily beer, to dome can be associated with "chug" with the focus on the entire contents being consumed. When a blunt is domed, a person smokes it by themselves.
person1: alright, lets make like shepherds and get the flock outta here

person2: but i have a whole beer left

all: DOME IT!
by domeit August 19, 2010
A sexual act involving two people where they get a rain tarp (simulating a dome) and wrap themselves inside of it and proceed to have sex.
That couple next door is very odd i think they have a dome session every night.
by thugmasterDLF July 02, 2010
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