A person having a large bulbous head with a major receding hairline.
Coll Guy #1: Dang, did you check out that guys dome?

Cool Guy #2: Yeah, he looks like an aging Matthew McConaughey.
by coolguy#1 August 27, 2010
Dome is short for DO ME

easy to say without others knowing
hunter should dome
by wangggg June 01, 2009
Reference, literal and metaphorically, of a head/top of any item, solid or abstract. The word is commonly used in sexual references, or in non-sexual references that include pentration of a an item or a toxicant entering your body and 'hitting' you quite quickly that it feels like it went straight to your head, or 'dome'
I'll punch you right in the dome.

This bomb-ass shit hitting me righ' quick straight in the dome!
by Josh FTW December 01, 2007
1. n. A head, usually bald or with a large forehead.

2. n. A blowjob

3. n. A Mistress who cannot spell.
1. Bob has a bald dome

2. Bob just got dome

3. Bob's Dome does not know that the proper spelling of the word is Domme.
by Verileigh September 09, 2010
A contest held between two or more competitors in which a set amount of beer is ingested by all competitors at regular intervals, usually one beer/minute. A competitor is declared "out" when he or she vomits. The last competitor to have not vomited is the winner. One-on-one domes are usually announced by chants of "Two men enter, one man leaves."

May also be used to refer to the act of participating in a dome.
"I won the dome last night by drinking 13 beers in 13 minutes."


"Did you see those guys doming last night?"
by Cosmo April 20, 2004
Battle cry of Rockhurst High School looking to go to the Edward Jones Dome in St Louis for the football state championship.

Blowjob or oral sex
"Get Dome Go Home"

"We are going to the dome"

"Dome dome dome dome"

Im getting dome tonight"
by GetDomeGoHome November 30, 2010
1. To get dome is to get a blow job

2. A home/house/place of residence

3. One's head
1. "mang that bitch gave me dome last night" or "dude that bitch domed me on the couch whilst I dominated on COD."

2. "aight dude lets hit Mickey D's then crash at my dome"

3. "He hit me in the dome with the basketball" or "asshole domed me with the basketball"
by BIGGON411 September 08, 2010

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