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Another word for magic mushrooms.
"I just picked up an ounce of domes. Let's go camping."
by Dr. Todd Reezee January 28, 2009
1. The top of ones head
2. short hand for a mens service club
dude, did you hear all the good stuff dome is doing for the community
by dome team member September 21, 2005
(n) A nightclub where everyone is under 18, and everyone gives each other back massages.
your 18? your too old to be at the dome
by slinky October 06, 2004
Head, Skull, Cranium
that cock ass fag knocked me in my dome, I should break off a piece of his grill and show him wtf is up
by -B|anK- July 13, 2002
The extremely large head on Wes trwobridge's body, that holds many events.
Wes, you have a huge dome dude.
by NATE R. December 19, 2002
Didn't have any domes. Had to go bareback.
by Anonymous November 02, 2002
To smoke on weed really hard to get more smoke into your lungs
Dome that shit Warren
by C-Lobbist May 04, 2005