Is a slang term for a condom due to its dome shape around the penis when used.
I gotta get some domes for my rendevous with my girl cuz i'm afraid i'l pre cum all inside her muff and before you know it i'l be a baby's daddy. So yeah i'm getting the costco thousand pack of cheap lifestyles domes.
by carmine87 January 28, 2009
Refering to the head of a chode. Also to a crappy tennis player who like to chili dog. also known as "on- gay".
i was playing tennis with Joe yesterday and he was being a dome.
by Mr. Pinkerton October 06, 2005
abreviation of the venue "The Boston Dome"; abreviated because all attendants are sex starved underage retards too busy having sex in the toilets/stealing drinks/pilling/ manage 3 words
i feel like f**king an underager! take me to the dome
by bbbbbb October 11, 2004
Word used to refer to the head, esp. when said cranial appendage has been assaulted in some manner
*person 1 slaps person 2 upside the head*
Person 1: "To your dome!"
by Ford Prefect Wannabe March 05, 2003
Just the words "do" and "me" mashed together to make one short and easy saying. So if you say "DOME!", you are really saying "do me".
Would you like to make thweet, thweet dome? DOME!
by Tay and Jill July 04, 2006
a girl much worth having coitus with, originating from the phrase "do me", became "do-me", and finally "dome" pronounced "doh-muh"
"Dude, that girl is such a do-me!"
"Dude, the new word is dome! She'll fucking hear you!"
by General Definition March 02, 2005
1)A hemi-sphere shaped structure; esp. that on top of the capital building. 2) A short frumpy, fat and mean woman or man. Usually assoc. with the word -shaped.
1)The dome roof on the state capital building is marvelous.
2)My-ex boyfriend's mom is a dome-shaped bitch with no man and a sorry life.
by K.J. January 19, 2005
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