When a girl goes down on you and excentuates the activity around the head or "helmet" of the penis.
Fat bitches give great dome.
by Dana November 22, 2004
another word for condom
wow! you knocked that bitch up. shoulda worn a dome
by bougs August 30, 2009
Drinking an alcoholic Beverage extremely rapidly
"Yo dome those beers so that we can go operate heavy machinery"
by Leslie Stephens April 24, 2006
verb, to consume excessively to the point where one must regurgitate
Dome yourself on books. Quit doming that haterade.
by Lu Xiangshang July 24, 2003
In Halo or similar FPS's where the co-op mode allows unlimited respawn, collection from your own corps, and full life respawn, it's an aloud request you make to your partner when you're really low on health so that you regain all you're health, you can pick up all of your ammo, weapons, and items so that you're ready for battle again with full health
Mark, I'm low, I'm near the end piller...

Need me to do you?

Do me!

*SMACK* *respawn*


Sure thing!
by GinoMan February 03, 2010
Is a slang term for a condom due to its dome shape around the penis when used.
I gotta get some domes for my rendevous with my girl cuz i'm afraid i'l pre cum all inside her muff and before you know it i'l be a baby's daddy. So yeah i'm getting the costco thousand pack of cheap lifestyles domes.
by carmine87 January 28, 2009
Dome is oral sex. Males enjoy the feeling of it.
Adam: "I want dome. I want dome. Give me dome this weekend."

Brianna: "I'll give you dome."

by unknownmale November 17, 2007

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