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A group of high school or college aged females that affiliate with one another through performing a common act known as fellatio( also referred to as head, blowjob, dick suckle, or DOME). These girls often travel in a pack, similar to wolves, always on the hunt for cock.
Bro 1: yo brah you see jess dome's phat ass id love to smang the shit outta her

Bro 2: hell yea i second that bro. Is that really her name?

Bro 1: nah bro its jess something or other but she gives so much head it suit her nicely

Bro 2: yeah agreed if you paid her a quarter i think shed be down for a domesesh

Bro 1: fuck the quarter dome squad is always down to suck.

Bro 2: true fact bro.
by bhemchamp247 July 13, 2011
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