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Female with loose morals, known for performing oral sex on a first date or hook-up, generally loves the male sex organ.
Allison? Yo son, I heard shes a huge dome slut.
by Seth (aka Pain Train) December 11, 2007
a female who is infamous for performing felacio on the first date or hook up. Generally loves the male organ in or around her mouth.
Yo son, Allison is such a dome slut; she gave me top the first time we met.
by Pain train (AKA Seth) December 27, 2007
A girl with a reputation for giving out bobs.
Yo, that dome slut gives mad bobs.
by dome slut March 03, 2005
a girl who likes to give oral sex
shady] that girl nicole v gave dude so much dome she was to full to go eat

koolaid] yeah tht bitch is a dome slut tht loves blacks
by illstateilly November 22, 2009