A girl who is specifically and only called for performing oral sex on the man who is calling her. Most men have one, that they do not want to be seen by fellow comrades.
Dave would never take her out, she is just his dome girl.
by dantheman March 13, 2005
Top Definition
A girl whom loves to suck cock and get with a shitload of different guys, she goes to a private school in delaware, she also gets with freshmen from the cross country team. She believes that she models, even though she was supposed to be in Miami and she showed up to cross country meet... (liar...?) and of course she can suck amazing COCK in the school tunnels! She's known everywhere from, Salesianum, St. Marks, Padua, Ursuline, Archmere, Friends, and much more.
Boy 1: where you going? Boy 2: the tunnel man, dome girl is doing her shift

Girl 1: isn't she supposed to be in Miami ? Girl 2: yeah that's what her fb status said.. Girl 1: maybe they kicked her out for hiding in the tunnels

*dome girl arrives at cross country meet, when she's supposed to be in Miami* Girls: LOL! back so soon
by l0l:SMILEY FACE) October 29, 2010
1. Girls who appear to make themselves sexually available as often as possible, with no restrictions.
2. Girls who have rape fantasies and who make themselves vulnerable to rape in order to live them out.
1. "Young feminists who also equated sexual harassment with rape...contributed to the de-sexing of the American white male. One might argue that the excesses of Do-Me Girls are in part a reaction against all this". Susain Crain Bakos

2. "She wanted to get gang-raped, she's a total do-me girl" Anon, 2003
by su france February 08, 2010
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