A place where teachers hide because they cannot face the children waltzing into their classrooms. Many teachers fear the children and when they do not feel threatened they come out of the domain growling and barking at the students to demonstrate superiority and aggressiveness.
Ms. Timmerman's domain in the earth science room
by AvoidXSuspicion August 02, 2006
Top Definition
An area, region or place that usually belongs to someone; i.e. territory.
'The sewer is the domain of the rat.'

'urbandictionary.com is an Internet domain signifying the on-line territory of those who run the Urban Dictionary.'
by phantom oddity October 28, 2005
to take over or regulate on an object or person.
"dude domain those people"

"domain that bong"

"we got domained"
by fat v August 29, 2006
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