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Member of the Killarmy, (Wu-Tang Family), Dom PaChino describes himself as a "Puerto Rican terrorist from the Middle East who is refusing the mark of the beast."
"Contemplate on how to run this shit
Universally forever runnin
Reflect shots off my wall, (NEW SHIT) split your nugget
Thoughts too rugged, extortinate cream from off the budget
Refugees of the Terrorist, fans, they fuckin love it
Insurance can't cover it, maximum is a minimum
Niggas, they try to dub it, yo
It's the hottest shit on the streets since summer '86
My prefix, like a remix, throw wind bricks
Try and dub the shit is accurate
Come for your head, it's Immaculate Conception
When my rep is, bustin shots
Niggas tryin to discuss my business around the neighborhood"

Artist: RZA/Bobby Digital f/ Black Knights, Killarmy
Song: Terrorist
Album: RZA as Bobby Digital in Stereo
by Method Man[PT] September 13, 2004
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