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1)A form of digital art, in which you find a base somewhere online, take it into a paint program, then draw and shade clothes on it. Dolling is for women and men alike.
"I was dolling myself when you called me."
by Silver March 17, 2005
Northern Irish slang for kissing or making out with.
She was dolling him last I saw her.
by Minty~ May 02, 2011
1. Doll + darling
2. The act of being a doll
3. When an old Jewish women tries to say "darling", it sounds like "dolling"
Phone conversation
Boy: "hey babe"
Girl: "hi dolling"

"We got all dressed up to go out to eat. Dolling it up."
by Seebeegee January 20, 2013
a bored student who uses vegetables to pleasure herself. And then feeds people with them.
I fancy doing some DOLLING
by mcgmf April 29, 2011

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