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someone wearing make up, and looking there best.
LOOK AT HER, shes so dolled up!
by wad October 30, 2003
To dress, coif and/or apply makeup in an elegant manner so as to look like a doll. To dress up. Beautify.
Uma Thurman got all dolled up to appear in Larry King.
by Gabriel October 28, 2003
To be dressed in a fancy or fashionable manner
My girlfriend got all dolled up to go out tonight.
by J. Lee October 30, 2003
to get all prettified for a boy (shower, get dressed... makeup if he's really lucky).
I'm getting all dolled up because I might get laid tonight!
by adikt October 30, 2003
An expression used to refer to a female done up with make up, etc.
You are looking dolled up tonight - shall we shag now or shag later?
by Stuart October 31, 2003
Dressed up (usually to go out)
Look at those skanks all dolled up
by mike October 28, 2003