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Dolci n' Gabaughn (noun): The proper way to pronounce an italian fashion brand (Dolce & Gabbana). Some people might say that it is pronounced differently but they are wrong and propably dont even have a huge chain around their neck as a sign of succes. If ever in doubt how to pronounce very expensive lables just ask the succesful music artist RiFF RAFF for he knows just the right way to say stuff the way it is said by classy rich folks.
Cool dude: "Look at ma Dolci n Gabaughn stuff it is not even fake or anything"

Not cool dude: "Really?"

Cool dude: "No actual its fake. One of their sweaters is like 500 bucks and i wouldnt pay that much for a piece of clothing!"
by PaulAusWuppertal November 06, 2013

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