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vt. 1. To flub, or make a mistake, particularly in a sporting match.
I cannot believe that kicker doinked that field goal, even after the penalty gave him a second chance.
by Dale Mahoney October 07, 2003
6 12
The act of hitting someone in the balls.
Dobson was being a dillhole, so I doinked him, and now he has ovaries.
by Moof September 03, 2003
17 23
a word only used by people hoo have exprienceed burban talks and tramp seshis sucha as burns ross paul clark charlotte jessie karli jack
we had a doink burbon talk today
by paul and clark November 29, 2006
2 9
1. to place something(put it down)

2. to give possession to another, the opposite of yoink
As Chaz hands his father the wrench he asked for, Chaz says, "doink".

Doink needs not a response. It merely replaces the sound of moving something(setting it down or handing it off).
by TacoPat06 November 02, 2006
2 10
a word moderators or admins use when about to lock a thread/topic
"ok, this thread is useless...DOINK!" *locked*
by Dirge March 15, 2005
3 12
a whale's penis; is not usually seen or known to exist.
"Sometimes doinks can be 2 feet long!"
by lelithia May 04, 2007
1 11
To doink is to steal
'I left my bling in my room and the mother fucker doinked it'
by Jay Tampi December 09, 2004
6 16