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The scene and episode introductory sound on the Law & Order series; it’s included in: Law & Order, SVU, Criminal Intent and Trial by Jury.

During long marathons or durations of Law & Order: SVU, a commercial often shows the cast (Christopher Meloni, Mariska Hargitay, Richard Belzer) discussing the sound and its significance. Hargitay
described it as “Chink Chink” but the advertisers referred to it as “Doink Doink.”
Meloni: “It’s a good sounds, isn’t it?”
Hargitay: “Wait a second! Play it again!”
by KnowYourSymphony May 26, 2005
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The sound from the Law and Order TV series.
"We're taking you down to the precinct." *doink doink*
by Mein Gott in Himmel March 22, 2004
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The best sound ever. Plays during the Law & Order series, including...

1. The Mothership
2. SVU
3. CI
4. TBJ (cancelled now)
June 18, 2006
Special Victims Unit Squadroom
*doink doink*
by SVU~FREAK March 01, 2006
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any sex that happens on the TV show Law and Order or its spinoffs
On SVU in the episode Annihilated Stabler doink doinked his wife and got her pregnent

I wish Elliot and Olivia would doink doink already
by ellipher March 17, 2009
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