Pure, unfiltered, unadulterated, raw pent up aggretion leading to multiple types of dimeaning penetration.... ..... with whores.
Thelma totally got her box smashed last night by Mike, it was pure dogsex!
#sex #dog #box #smashing #fucking #porn #nasty #whore #fart porn #animal #shitting in mouth
by Steven Horning October 18, 2012
Top Definition
Oral, manual or penetrative sexual relations with canine(s). Fun for all the family.
'My dogs got no nose.'

'How does it smell?'

'It doesn't matter, it's got an eight inch cock that is more than enough for my distended cunt.'
by Anonymous October 02, 2003
Alvaro's middle name.
Hey, Alvaro Dogsex Pasek, eat my shorts!
by Steaver370 May 05, 2004
Distinctive aroma given off by societal caste of buffoons who can be categorized under the moniker "hippy". Often used to express the smell associated with pseudo-revolutionaries who believe girding your loins with soiled hemp underpants is the quickest way to end the plight of the third world.
Hippies smell like dog sex.
#dirty hippy #granola tools #sds #weathermen #symbianese liberation army
by d.c. sterner February 01, 2008
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