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The sexual act of the male inserting his scrotum (both testicles) into a woman's vagina. The feat is so difficult to accomplish, it is like getting 'dogs in the tub'.
After a long day of running around and being active with my pets, I like to go home, wash up a bit, call my girl on the phone, and try to get my dogs in the tub. It's a lot easier than the LSAT's!
by Bollo March 13, 2004
When you stick your ballsack in a chick's poopshoot -- your nuts keep tryin to pop back out, just like dogs in the tub.
I had my dogs in the tub last night and my bitch farted all over my nuts.
by anonymous January 26, 2004
When, durring intercourse, A man puts his testes in one orifice while his penis in the other.

Extremely hard to do, much like manipulating two dogs into a bathtub.
Dude, that chick's a ho, I put dogs in the tub. Super Loose
by JLExperience August 14, 2008