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When you stick your ballsack in a chick's poopshoot -- your nuts keep tryin to pop back out, just like dogs in the tub.
I had my dogs in the tub last night and my bitch farted all over my nuts.
by anonymous January 26, 2004
The sexual act of the male inserting his scrotum (both testicles) into a woman's vagina. The feat is so difficult to accomplish, it is like getting 'dogs in the tub'.
After a long day of running around and being active with my pets, I like to go home, wash up a bit, call my girl on the phone, and try to get my dogs in the tub. It's a lot easier than the LSAT's!
by Bollo March 13, 2004
When, durring intercourse, A man puts his testes in one orifice while his penis in the other.

Extremely hard to do, much like manipulating two dogs into a bathtub.
Dude, that chick's a ho, I put dogs in the tub. Super Loose
by JLExperience August 14, 2008
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