Something which is considerred the absolute truth.

Usually without any philosophical argument or evidence.
by waffle October 09, 2003
When you're dog has a really mad karma
My poodle puked green vomit after it go hit by a car three times. My poodle has a really bad dogma.
by Aditi May 31, 2014
A blind faith in a religion by people with exceedingly low IQ's.
George Bush is stupid and is also very dogmatic, what a coincidence.
by Devon July 16, 2004
That kick ass movie that had Jay and Silent Bob in it.
Did you see Matt Dillon in Dogma?
by Traciemichael September 08, 2007
The cheesy substance that builds up around a dog's penis

The canine form of smegma
Oh shit, Remus just got some dogma on the Barc-o-lounger!
by Pumpkin Patch July 01, 2004

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