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When you've fucked up and pissed of your wife/girlfriend or whomever, you go buy some expensive roses, shower, shave, and put on a clean shirt, and show up at the offended party's house or apt., with the appropriate hangdog expression and present her with said roses, and ask forgiveness, and try to convincingly promise never to do it again. If you're lucky and she's sweeter than your dogass deserves, she'll accept the roses, invite you in, and you'll have hot makeup sex. From a collection of short stories of the same name by musician Steve Earle.
Wife's sister: "You stupid piece of shit, you've really pissed her off this time. If she kicks your sorry ass out, you richly deserve it!
You: "I know, I know. Do you think she'll accept this expensive bottle of wine and bouquet of doghouse roses?
Wife's sister: "I wouldn't but she might."
by lexiphanic December 12, 2009
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