doggy style,,rammed very hard,prefferably over bath or car,sofa etc...hoping the idiot hits the g spot,usually its the husband that performs this ritual but lovers are usually more exciting
ohhhh yeah give it to me doggy style
by Anonymous August 22, 2003
(adj.) a style of or as if a dog would do; the technique of a dog; doggy fashion
1.hey ma look at me! im eatin my dinner doggy style

2.i love having sex doggy style
by james eakmon June 01, 2004
When a man bends a woman over and f*cks her in her ass. He usually steers and controls her by squeezing her t*ts or pulling her hair.
My man is so masterful and controlling, we only ever have sex doggy style. He loves riding me and finishes up by cuming all over my ass.
by gguuyyguygguuyy January 16, 2010
Having sex with the woman keel face down and leverage her body with her hands. The man insert his penis from her rear end.
Don't tell me that you do not know doggy-style.
by Anonymous February 12, 2002
when a woman goes down on all fours and the man hits her from behind
man, i doggy styled that chick last night coz she was so damn ugly !
by bla. October 19, 2008
Punk Rock band
Orange County Calif

Work As One
Side By Side
How Are you gonna do it?
Do it doggy style!
by X June 30, 2004
where a guy spreads a girls cheaks very wide so he can stick his rounded tool inside her ass and move her cheeks around until you give her a cum butt.
damn shirly has a lot of white stuff in her ass.
by nick December 15, 2004

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