A new cinematic style of movie making.
Girls gone wild - Doggy Style
by SWZ September 25, 2003
possibly the most intimate sexual position.
doggystyling is my favorite sexual position.
by Ren July 12, 2004
(in dance) The male partner stands straight without moving or leans with his back to a wall, while the female bends down and rubs her bottom (see shaking her booty) against the partners frontal hip area to attract his attention.
All the hoes in the club do the doggy style.
by vivisimo September 17, 2010
See Doggy style.

Where the 'bitch' (either male or female) will get on all fours and the 'butch' will enter him/her from behind, either in the vagina or the anus.
We be doin' it doggy-stylé!
by Gumba Gumba March 01, 2004
a sexual position where you are behind the person doing them in the vagina or with gays in the bunghole
"Let's do it doggystyle."
by Mr.Peoples January 25, 2003
A kickass way to sex a girl. It gets us so hot and sweaty and horny and usually its smart to be on the floor bc otherwise u can make a lotta noise on the bed... ;)
Jason: Baby cmon let me fuck you doggy style!
Chelsea: Okay baby..you know its my favorite.
Jason: Yes I do!!
by 44dinablowurhorn44 May 03, 2007
When a guy gives it to a girl from behind.
Bark like a dog Biotch while I fuck you like crazed dog!! ARF ARF ARF
by The guy from 3F Southside April 23, 2003

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