The sexual position of taking a woman from behind. Mainly used when: 1) She's a bit kinky and likes it in either the "pink" or the "stink". 2) Used for medical purposes so the guy can separate her cheeks and inspect her asshole while pumping into her. 3) The favoured position if either lover has bad breath. 4) A good way for the guy to see if she likes her asshole played with/fingered or not. 5) A good position if both lovers are ugly. And finally, 6) the best position for **SAFE SEX** as it's medically proven a woman cannot become pregnant from having sex in the doggystyle position.
"I know I don't have protection with me, so why don't we do it doggystyle so I can ejaculate all over your extremely large butt instead?"

"Since you've put on a lot of weight darling, can we do it doggystyle because I like the way the fat wobbles when I'm pumping into you"
by Doctor Phew August 14, 2011
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A man positions himself behind his partner, and inserts his d*ck into his woman's vagina from behind. She's usually bending over something, or on her hands and knees. The guy can then pull her hair, and use her boobies for handles.
My favorite sexual postion is doggy style! I love it when the man has all the control!
by El Psycho June 02, 2003
a good way to hit a girl's g-spot
oooh baby just like that! fuck me harder!
by boobs June 01, 2003
for a woman to get down (usually on hands & knees) and the male partner to insert his penis in the womans anus or vagina from behind. the male normally has control and can hold the womans tits for support (and other things)
i love when mah man gives it to me doggy style. *oohhh that feels good. fuck me harder baby! gimmy some more!*
by fuck me December 02, 2003
NOUN: Sexual intercourse between a man and woman charterized by the woman bending over, typically on all fours, and the man inserting his penis into her VAGINA.

ADVERB: in the manner or style of sexual intercourse described above
N: Amy likes woman-on-top while Tom perfers doggystyle

ADJ: Tom wanted to do Amy doggystyle
by crew8221 March 08, 2004
This is a very popular position and a great way to hit the G spot. It is when a woman gets down on her hands and knees and a man inserts his penis into her vagina, although sometimes people prefer to have the penis inserted into the anus.
'I feel so alive come take me from behind, I feel wet and wild, wanna do it doggy style'

Rover Take Over
by Lords of Acid
by Blooddiamond21 August 29, 2007
A way of swimming where you keep your head above the water and propell yourself using your hands and feet.
Paco's swim-instructor asked him if I like to do it doggy style. He said yes, and we haven't seen him sense.
by Waqcku May 28, 2005
A dude puts himself behind you and inserts his penis into your vagina from behind while your bent over. Then he'll pull her hair, and use her boobies as a steering wheel. The best sex ever. Make sure you rub.
My boyfriend and I doggy style every time.
by Horny (single) Bitch July 22, 2004

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