a sexual act involving multiple partners; two consenting adults (at least one must be male) and a canine( any breed, your choice). Male partner perfoms doggy-style intercourse (your choice, no judgement) while the canine licks the scrotum sack. Peanut butter or another inducement may be applied to the scrotum to enhnace the canine's participation/pleasure. *CAUTION* the use of canned meat products is not recommended.
Allen told Rick that his bitches were so horny last night they agreed to a doggy bag.
by Brady Michel September 16, 2006
Giving it doggy style to a girl (already awsome) while shes under the table and your eating a nice sub or sandwich right on the table the girl is under.
I was hungry, and horny, so i made my girlfreind give me a doggy bag.
by Tim Nihan January 23, 2006
To insert your penis into a dogs butt and have a female partner suck on you balls at the same time.
She was a really opened minded she particapet in a "doggy bag" and everthing!
by gay of today February 25, 2005

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