An alternative name for a dog given a stupid name by their owner. Usually applies to little dogs.
My friend named her dog King Louis XIII, but that's a stupid name so I just call the dog, Doggy instead.

This doggy is a dog not some pretentious british royal, so I call him Doggy.
by givesimpledoggyssimplenames December 13, 2009
Top Definition
A position for sexual intercourse, where the female gets down on her hands and knees (like a "doggy") and the man penetrates her by kneeling behind her.
I did shaneequa doggy-style last night.
by cErTiFiEd March 27, 2005
A sexual position, usually the best for a quickie, where the man has sex with a woman from behind.
Bend her over and fuck her doggy style.
by Rory McMoose April 29, 2005
Colloquial name for the North Ormesby region of Middlesbrough. Often known for being a particularly undesirable area due to the high level of drug deals and criminal activity that takes place there. Doggy Juniors Football Team are locally known for being one of the most successful local Youth Teams.
Fuck Off Back To Doggy.
by JD_1212 May 19, 2009
A term used in the Bahamas referring to a man's penis.
He got a big doggy nah!!!!
My doggy so hard rite now!!!
by glintgurlz January 09, 2010
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