A Snoop Dogg album.
We travel in packs and we do it from the back. How else do ya get to the booty? We do it doggystyle, all the while we do it doggystyle.
by deez mother fuckin' nutz July 10, 2003
Doggy Style
Noun: One of the more intimate sexual positions shared among the human species offering deep penetration, multiple entry points and good pelvic thrust cushioning. A versatile & lifestyle friendly position as it affords both participants the ability to continue watching their favorite TV show whilst offering the more dominant of the species a stable table to rest ones beer and/or ashtray upon. It is little wonder this position has soared to the top of the charts as one of the most preferred sexual positions among this species.
My girlfriend loves doggy style coz she never has to miss an episode of friends :D
by Heeeere Doggy! January 02, 2013
The sexual position of taking a woman from behind. Mainly used when: 1) She's a bit kinky and likes it in either the "pink" or the "stink". 2) Used for medical purposes so the guy can separate her cheeks and inspect her asshole while pumping into her. 3) The favoured position if either lover has bad breath. 4) A good way for the guy to see if she likes her asshole played with/fingered or not. 5) A good position if both lovers are ugly. And finally, 6) the best position for **SAFE SEX** as it's medically proven a woman cannot become pregnant from having sex in the doggystyle position.
"I know I don't have protection with me, so why don't we do it doggystyle so I can ejaculate all over your extremely large butt instead?"

"Since you've put on a lot of weight darling, can we do it doggystyle because I like the way the fat wobbles when I'm pumping into you"
by Doctor Phew August 14, 2011
A sex position in where the female goes down "on all fours", on her hands and knees- or feet if she wishes to stand. The male, from behind, will penetrate the female either anal or vaginally. The male will usually dominate in this position and he will get a good bit of eye candy while he's hitting it from behind, not to mention hair pulling and stuff. The female can spread out her legs or keep them together to allow for a tighter or looser feel.
We went at it doggy style in the stairwell of her apartment building. As I was about to explode I pulled out and nutted all over the floor. Hope no one slips on that.
by TheSpectacularOne April 22, 2009
I might also add that every single definition here is incorrect.
Most people are describing analsex.
Why don't you watch two 'dogs' fuck. Maybe then you'll know what doggystyle is. They certainly don't fuck eachother up the ass.
by Diego November 21, 2003
The way a blonde woman has puppies.
three girls go to hospital for pregnancy checkups...
Brunette says..I'm gonna have a boy, cuz I was on bottom.
Redhead says... I'm gonna have girls, cuz I was on top.
Blonde says... I did it doggy style-I'm gonna have puppies
by Confederate BadAss October 23, 2008
to doggy-style
v. intrans.
What conservative religious American presidents do to the world during their mandate.
It is better to get your oval orifice a mouthpiece and lie about it then to doggy-style the world into insanity.
by the whorenorable me September 11, 2004
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