A kid who thinks hes the shit at Halo and Halo 2 but is the complete opposite
Why did Doggy Fizzle just rape himself. I didn't think that was possible in video games.
by Balls December 01, 2004
Top Definition
A Doggy fizzle is gin and juice (orange)
"What you drinking on?" "Doggy fizzles cuz!"

Guy: Gimme a doggy fizzle
Bartender:What's a doggy fizzle?
Guy: Gin and Juice Bitch!
by King Swag May 26, 2006
name of snoop doggs show
doggy fizzle televizzle
by tweezy June 21, 2003
a term describing the antics and various activities of a "doggy"; in all actuality referring to the "dogg" himself, Snoop Doggy Dogg.
"Yo. This is the show we call Doggy Fizzle."
by miss frizzle November 08, 2003
the shit that comes out of a dogs dick when u jerk it off.
so i was jerkin off my dog and it doggy fizzled on me! gross!
by Lunchbox January 17, 2003
doggy fizzle is rap talk for bitch, as in fizzle means female and a female dog is a bitch.
hook me up with some doggy fizzle my nizzle.
by brenton February 24, 2004
a stupid saying that rappers use because they r not creative enough to think of something that means something
yo yo yo wat up? snizzle my nizzle doggy fizzle
by megan clary October 28, 2003
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