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When a girl grabs your balls while your fucking her from behind.
Hey bitch, you better be doggy bagging!
by Poo Plog January 24, 2011
The act of inserting the scrotum into an orifice (vaginal or anal) during doggy style sex.

If only one testicle is inserted, it is termed a Lance.
Ted: Ever tried doggy bagging?
Bill: Dude, I totally doggy bagged my girlfriend last night.
Ted: Excellent! One or two?
Bill: One ... I Lanced her.
by Daggy Bogans September 26, 2010
Pulling the blankets or a pillow over a girl's face so you don't have to look at her.
Rick got drunk and hooked up with a real butterface, but he doggy bagged that shizzle, so it's all good.
by Rick James March 25, 2004
The game of hiding a used condom in a sexual partner's handbag or purse after intercourse.

The name derives from the slang word for taking a meal from a restaurant home in a bag, but replacing the meal with semen, and the paper or plastic bag, with a condom for the recipient to 'Take home for later'
Dude, I did this chick, she had know idea i was doggybagging her after we finished, gave her a little surprise for later
by El guyo February 15, 2011
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