a paper bag in which to take home your paid for but uneaten food from a restuarant to give to your pets (often not given to the pets at all)

A doggybag sounds on the surface like a good idea.

Lets not waste good food, give it to our household pets.

recycling - green - modern - intelligent

Think a little more deeply about it and you discover that it is a perfect example for what is wrong with our western, modern, industrialised, profit run way of living.

doggybag's exist because we cooked too much food . They are there to salve our conscience after we have just paid for a meal and not been able to finish it.

There are no doggybags in many countries around the world. The concept of a doggybag would be alien to them and yet for us it is a normal object of daily living.

It is a marketing ploy, a branding tool and more than that, a con trick
"waiter, I am sorry the steak was very good but there was too much on the plate...could I please have a doggybag to take it home for my dog? "
by doggybag August 19, 2004
A bag for drowning an unwanted dog in.
Example: Any bag can be used as a doggybag as long as it sinks, when you put a few bricks in it.
by Peter Glum September 09, 2007
When you shoot your load into a chicks butt and afterwards she doesn't go and shit it out or have a shower. She sleeps over and the next day she just takes off home. Taking the doggy bag home with her.
"That dirty tart took a doggy bag home with her"
by 300prawns March 08, 2009
When a chick falls asleep straight after sex, without flushing out the cum inside her and in the morning just gets up and goes home without having a shower or going to the toilet.
that dirty slut took a doggy bag home.
by nichammer November 06, 2008
the act of doing a women doggy style over a kitchen counter while she makes a bagged lunch
I got a doggy bag for lunch today.
by screwged November 28, 2010
Getting tea bagged by a dog.
The esteemed judge at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Dog Show picked the Best in Show using her tried and true formula: breed quality, coat, musculature, bite, and, to break ties, best doggy bagging.
by N8N January 15, 2006
This is when you are taking one girl in the 'doggy style' position whilst 'tea bagging' her mate or acquaintance.
Damn I'd like to doggy bag the pair of you!
by George Anonymous September 25, 2007

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