Related to the term "he got hands." Usually talking about a past fight that happened and trying to say that a person has the ability to fight well.
1. He got doggers man, he fights like a boxer.
2. He put the doggers on his ass
by Jphizz March 19, 2007
Top Definition
a person who jogs with their dog
This morning, I almost hit a dogger on my way to work.
by meow woof meow February 22, 2010
(British) People who like to have sex in public.
Besides having a nudist beach, Studland has in recent years become popular with “doggers”
by rivit August 12, 2007
Dollar store sunglasses that are made of cheap, black plastic. Imitation Ray Bans.
I got my doggers and my Dickies on.

I gotta go get me some new doggers.
by Katherine Glass November 04, 2004
A cursed dog which supposedly consumes souls of young memers.
Boy - *sees dogger's curse on Facebook.*
Boy - "go away evil dogger"
by LewisThe420BlazeItDatBoi July 21, 2016
someone who wastes a lot of time on the job. Related to the expression "f*******g the dog"
John is a real dogger, he spends all his time talking at the water cooler talking to the girls.
by hogger January 01, 2014
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