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stubbornly determined.
He was dogged to get the hot chick at school.
by The Gookster January 10, 2005
6 31
Let down, didn't turn up
she dogged me today
by Doug February 10, 2004
225 58
Being lied to and left out/duped out of sumthing u deserved/were promised
Omg, i've just been dogged. I can't beleive amy gave that job to that stupid flat nosed bitch, she said it was mine!!!
by S.a.r.a.h December 21, 2005
123 44
To be treated badly for no reason at all by someone who led you on to believe they actually cared about you
Younger sister: Did Freddy come get you to go out?
Older sister: No, after he was an hour late I called him five times, he sent me a text saying he's busy then turned his phone off.
heart broken ignored dogged
by Beautie September 08, 2012
25 9
When someone betrays you, rightly or wrongly
That cunt Steveo dogged me into the boss for taking a shit on his desk!

Joe's getting sent to the slammer cos one of his boys dogged him!
by Madcunt84 May 29, 2013
14 1
said of a pan or dish that has been put on the floor for the dog to lick, and therefore, clean
That pan's not clean, it's just been dogged.
by Fish That Swims November 25, 2009
21 26
1. exceedingly tired

2. enervated
3. the severe degree of fatigue in which one could collapse at any given point.
"It was a long and hard day at work today, I'm right dogged"

"This hike is longer than I thought. I don't think I'm going to make it, I'm already dogged out"
by Chadeo May 01, 2009
19 24
being beaten excessively bad at a video game, sport, or just at life in general
Guy #1 Dude, did you see that one-on-one bball game between Daevon and Marquis.

Guy #2: Yeah, Marquis dogged Daevon something vicious
by Quist95 May 08, 2011
15 22