what you are a retarded piece of when you make a shit thread
<b>great thread, you retarded piece of dogfuck</b>
by spammer April 05, 2005
Top Definition
see fucking the dog
to do nothing, to waste time, to screw around, esp. when you are expected to be doing something
The useless dipshit dogfucked all afternoon so I got stuck with his work.
by luke! June 10, 2004
A person who engages in the act of "dog fucking" or "fucking the dog", or an instance of said activity.
"John's having another smoke break"
"What a useless dog fuck"

"Where's John?"
"Who knows? Having a good dog fuck, I'll bet"
by pawntony January 30, 2007
Excrement and slime resulting from mating dogs. As an insult, referring to somebody or something, existing at that social or hierarchal level.
"I can reduce you to dog fuck in about two minutes."
by Etch September 07, 2006
From an old one line joke, To Mess up Completely
Here's the punchline, "He was so messed up, he sent his wife out in the yard to play with the kids, went up stairs, and fucked the dog."

In the book, "The Right Stuff" After his space capsule sank, Astronaut Gus Grissom didn't recieve the full honors accorded to Al Shepard, because with the sinking, Grissom, "screwed the pooch." e.g. dogfuck
by Sir Veyr January 16, 2010
A complete total piece of shit; lamer; slacker; retard; a piece of dogshit; tarded; tard.
You're a sad excuse for a piece of dogfuck.
by Bill Brett March 05, 2006
to blindly force or pump your way into an unknown, usually dire, situation, with the majority of the pain and trauma primarily effecting the dogfuckee.
23:27 CitrousRapture: he has this absolutely amazing girlfriend and just proceeds to constantly dogfuck his way into the stupidest shit
by Matt Flynn April 17, 2006
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