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The clear fluid that dribbles from the eye of a gentlemans pleasure pole prior to the big unloading..

So called because it is similar in taste and consistency to the stuff that leaks out of Fido's nose..

Useful for lubricating the mammaries as you thrust the man-meat between them before giving madam a pearl necklace..
Madam: "Have you cum?"..

Sir: "Not yet darling.."

Madam: "Whats that mess on me tits then?"..

Sir: "That's just dog snot dear.. Tadpole soup will be delievered shortly..
by Drex Johnson March 08, 2010
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A very sweet man, who is devilish tendencies. His hobbies are having sex, getting high, and getting drunk.
by YearRoundPMSGirl November 28, 2003
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