Doing a Dog Roll is rolling like a dog.
Dog Roll - the best solution for every epic situation.
Doing a Dog Roll is always win, but only those who can perform it perfectly are allowed to use it.
<Allar> Need a girlfriend on Runescape, I have level 55 construction =]
<Jorgen`> Do a Dog Roll!
<Allar> Oh!

<Jorgen`> Haha. rank 8 and rank 9 attack here atm :P
<Sick-Mic> Impressive, but can they do a dog roll?
<Jorgen`> Sick-Mic, nope. I did a dog roll and I got 10 chicks digging me
by ColaDrinkrrr April 22, 2008
Top Definition
A sausage(the dog) in a buttered roll .. not a pastry sausage roll .. not a hotdog ...
2 dog rolls , 2 bacon rolls and a pint of milk please ...
by J.J.M November 17, 2007
The most munted spastic cunt fuckhole dickwang dogshit faggot motherfucker you have ever seen in your life.
"Look, it's Rachel, what a fucking dogroll."
by Poojabber August 18, 2014
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