A crazy bitch who is an administrator at the DOS games forum. Famous for fingerbanging unsuspecting teenage boys while they sleep.

Also has a fondness of hermaphrodite sheep.
Tell Dogbreath that he left his purple dildo at my house again.

Dogbreath really messed up my carrot cake the other day...
by A nigger November 26, 2004
Top Definition
having eaten a lamb dish at your local indian takeaway,your breath stinks of farts the next morning.it also feels as though a rat has slept in your mouth for the night.
sorry luv i cant kiss you as i have the worst dog breath i could ever imagine.
by miss t October 30, 2006
person whos breath smells of that of a dogs
james taylor
by rose hancock April 21, 2003
the smell of a girls breath after giving head
girl go brush ur teeth u got dog breath
by dabiatch2endallbiatchs December 25, 2004
a female whose breath is in serious need of the investment that of dentabone
Holayyy that bitch sloane's breath stannnkksss, that thang has some serrrrious dogbreath. dayyymn.
by pseudonymmms April 10, 2009
A fart.

The breath of a prairie dog.

Shit smell
Damn! Go drown that prairie dog dude! I can smell dog breath and I heard it barkin'!
by Follows herons October 31, 2006
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