Australian slang for racing greyhounds, or a greyhound racing event. See also dishlickers.
I won a hundred dollars on the dogs last week.
by geoffb October 16, 2006
The domestic dog is a domesticated canid witch has been bred into certain characteristics over thousands I years also a cute lovable companion also know as mans best freind
Mom can we get a dog
via giphy
by Maxanator August 27, 2016
The most wonderful, kindhearted creatures to ever walk this earth.
"omg dogs are so perfect I love them"
by NoCrocsPlz June 01, 2016
What Asians eat
Adopted non Asian girl: Can we get a dog?
Asian dad: Deep fried or in a sandwich?
Adopted non Asian girl: a pet
Asian dad: Dogs are kept as pets???

Asians: DID SOMEONE SAY DOG??!!....where's the dog....
by BallsAngus May 30, 2016
Dog-Dogs are loyal and lovable. There are dogs for the blind, herding dogs, rescue dogs that save people's lives (a lot of dogs saved people's lives when they were in trouble), there are dogs who sniff out bombs, drugs, and guns, there are therapy dogs, there are dogs for disability kids, and much more. Dogs are very protective and they have a lot of stories that involve people and saving their lives, literally the people would not be here today if it were not for the dogs. Dogs are so helpful and protective. Now let's see what cats do on my list: get up a tree and can't get down. Hmmm Dogs are better than cats!!! Dogs are will obey you and trust you. They are very trustworthy animals. They can learn more than 800 commands. They bring joy to our world and they are the definition of happiness! Dogs for life!
Dogs are awesome and we are too!
by MissMillipede May 07, 2016
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