slang for a "dog" is a litre of cider
"lets go get a 2dog of cider"
meaning lets go buy 2litres of cider
by blackeye August 28, 2007
an reali ugly girl that goes after boys and dosent get the hit they dont want her and sleeps around. usualy used by girls bitchin on another
aint dat girl such a dog
by depressed emo June 05, 2007
Oxycontin. Usually the green 80mg pills, but not nessasarily.
Hey Brian, do you know where i can get some dogs?
Man, im so high i just railed like 1 and a half dogs.
by msteck May 17, 2007
Your homie, pimp. Ya know, the G in your crib
Yo Dog why dont you fuck in yo nickies biatch?


YO fuckpants why you be fuckin' my dog.
by CJ011 June 22, 2005
Penis, wang, schlong, dick, head, One-Eyed Monster, trouser trout, trouser snake, cock, baby arm, dinky, hand held device, anti-lesbian device, cherry popper, weiner, reproducer, white army base, the banana, cream filled twinkie, one-eyed-purple-headed warrior, the handbrake, crotch companion, tadpole, larger clitoris, plain macaroni, private johnson.
who let the dogs out?
by ..-~*cate*~-.. June 05, 2005
A noise at one end and a smell at the other.
'I love dogs!'
'Oh I hate dogs! They're a noise at one end and a smell at the other!'
'Well i guess you could say that....:/'
by mousey1306 March 07, 2012
some random chinese guy's dinner tonight
(chinese american family)
Kid: Mom what are we having for dinner tonight
Kids Mom: our neighbors pet dogs
by pkielar69 February 08, 2011

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